Bonuses & Promotions

  1. Where do I find what promotions are in offer?

    You can view all current offers by clicking on our promotions tab. 

  2. Can I play all the website games when I take a bonus, or are there any restrictions on which games I can play?

    Please check the terms and conditions for the bonus and if in doubt, contact our customer service. 

  3. How do I check that I have met the requirements for a promotion?

    You can check your progress by clicking on "my account" then on the left you click on Available Bonus and choose between Casino or Sport . 

  4. What reasons would I be declined for a promotion?

    Some of the promotions are eligible only for customers from certain countries and some of the customers using specific payment methods. There may be restrictions for any linked accounts and misuse of promotions, should you require any assistance, please contact our customer service at